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We believe that leadership is about behavior, and we recognize that trust is earned over a long period of time by consistently delivering on our promises.

Architectural Film
Architectural Film

Modern architectures often come with windows which not only enhance the outlook but also improve the overall air flow of the building.

Automobile Film
Automobile Film

Raytech windows film is the perfect answer for automobile owners who are seeking for the best heat rejection and driving comfort.

Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film

Raytech Paint Protection Film, also called as “PPF”, is an invisible protection film developed to protect your car painted paint from stone chips and scratches.

8 Things About Raytech International Window Film

Since the company’s founding, Raytech International Windows Film has operated under the basic principle of “Quality Comes First”. This is the motivation behind everything we do for our customers and is defined by three primary components: Innovative, speed and teamwork.

Self – Healing Paint Protection Film

“A transparent protection to avoid the damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris.”

5 Easy Tips To Choose The Best Car Tint

“There are so many products in the market, which and whom should I trust?”

Film Technology

We believed good quality of film can speak by itself in long term, in order to achieve superior quality and consistency of the film, we start with only the finest quality of raw material to produce the best base film, which is polyester. Polyester clear optical film is foundation of our product line.

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